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mind my gapped tooth!
i know,it's kindda friggin me lately

i just got the new necklace from diva a couple of days ago.
it was pretty right?
and i also worn my sunglasses that i bought from glebe market 2 weeks ago.
it was gaga inspired!!
and how i miss wearing my platform heels.
too bad,i had to walk alot here,i can't wear them walking 5-10 blocks!

anyway,i tried to wear my boots on my first day of work,
it wasn't that tall,maybe 5cm tall,but trust me.
it was killing me!!!!!!!!
so i decided to buy a sneakers today.
believe it or not,it's my second pair of sneakers (excluding my school shoes) that i had in my life,since the first converse i bought was thrown to the bin,after i wore it to my school outbond,and walked along the slippery mud.
i will show you the picture later on.



jii by gloria agatha F/W shawl $13

its a nice warm day today,so i can wear something more thin and less heavy clothes.
and i wore my new scarf today.freshly made last night from my brand new sewing machine.woohhoooo!
it's time to get productive again!

i just got an email for a job interview this saturday.wish me luck!!!!



g'day from oz!
i just arrived here yesterday,it was 7 degrees right when i landed.and it was horrible how my luggage were being cargo-ed.when all my clothes and warm clothes were in there!!so the cargo better be fast or i'll die in the cold and in fashion crisis!
and all i put on was only a t-shirt and a legging.though i brought my sweater.
so today i went to the city and i was so happy that i wore the right outfit.i double layered my legging and wore double layered yahh!!!haha.though it wasn't so cold today.


jii by gloria agatha spring summer 2010 fashion show

a big thank you to all who came to see the show and wardrobe crew,
it was such a dream come true.

it's my last day in jakarta.
im moving out to sydney,
but i still run my line from there.
and hopefully next year i'll have another show!
catch up with you later!

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