for complete picture of the collection visit the facebook page


the flight collection 1

vest 190.000 IDR
size S

crack blazer 300.000 IDR
size S

the bomber jacket 300.000 IDR
size S

shawl shirt 190.000 IDR
size S

grey boxy shirt 190.000 IDR
size S

tie shirt 190.000 IDR
size S

sherlock long jacket 350.000 IDR
size S

buckle neck shirt 220.000 IDR
size S

here's some of the flight collection,which are going to be featured on the upcoming fashion show.
if you are interested,you may contact me by email to book the item,and you can pick it up on the day of the fashion show,straight down from the runway.each design is available in 1 item only,or 2 items maximum.

there will also be a pre-event, MINI WARDROBE, a showcase of the brands that will participate, bands, bazaar and fun things!
it be held on 9th of april in THE GREEN kemang,from 6pm-10pm.

the event's called WARDROBE,will be held from 30th of april until 2nd of may in BALAI KARTINI.
make sure you come!i'll inform you the update on which day jii by gloria agatha will have it's fashion show. (so sorry for the late information of schedule)



hi,just wanna let you know,if u do interested in buying one of my product or the pants i am wearing here and on my "the rock" and "bondi" post,feel free to email me ( ,and i'll get in touch with you for the order and the size.
you can pick up the item on the fashion show event next month,these pants wil sure be featured on the runway!
are you excited to see the collection?



a final project at school
i made a coat for winter with a chesterfield collar
if u can see, ( the pic is not so clear ) on the cuffs,i hand sew flowers

GOOD NEWS!my pret a porter line,jii by gloria agatha will be having a fashion show next month!
i'll spill more details later okay.
make sure you come,and empty your schedule between 30th april-2nd may 2010!!!!


the rock

went to the rock market.they had pretty stuffs.

i had a big fashion disaster that day,
i was too excited to wear my new heels.
and so i wore it that day,but i had to take a bus,and the bus was full so i had to stand.
and ooowwwwwwww,it's hard to stand still on a bus full of people,with heels,and the driver drives in speed.
lesson learned!


a pic of my summer trip to sydney.went to bondi beach.oh the sun is sure burning hot.
i wore my jii by gloria agatha shorts,unbranded top and sydney thongs

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