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sunny sunday,and i was wearing my jii by gloria agatha lime top (195.000 IDR),zara latex legging,and an orange t-bar flats (a gift from friends).

i'm doing a research about designers for my presentation in the next 2 weeks.
about madeleine vionnet,armani,(my all time favourite) diane von furstenberg,elsa schiaparelli,and last but not least nina ricci.i'll share some of the information with you later on's interesting!


come rain come shine

the weather is hard to predict lately,
it's sunny in the morning an rains hard in the got to be prepared for hot in the sun and for cool and wet in the rain!

jii by gloria agatha blazer,white polo dress,dr.martens boots



went through my closet,reviewing my clothes,and i found my 17th birthday dress.and i thought to share it with you.i was inspired by audrey hepburnin the film breakfast at tiffany's,the timeless beauty icon.i know,who wouldn't wanna be like her right!so i made a black dress,the shorter version of hers.and

a little gift for coming to my birthday dinner,elmo!

so yeah,it wasn't that easy to find a long black handgloves for me.i just found it about a month ago,which is like one and a half year since the party.
but the gloves was one of my obsession,
i didn't think about where to wear it later,i just got to have it.
i played a dress up game,wearing my birthday dress,and a new hat i got!

isn't this hat just adoreable?

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