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yes,i was bored.good side of holiday,i get to relax,and fully rest.bad side of holiday?i have no reason to dress up.cause i don't go anywhere,i stayed home.
so i decided to play dress up as usual.

my mom's working space.
see the lamp?it's my sister's new interior line,called pretty touch.visit her web to see here.

my room's is such a mess.

my not so neat anymore desk



a not so bright picture,the light was not so good.sorry .
i'll take better picture next time with this dress.
i wanted to show you my new favorite dress,it's wool and real warm!
i fell in love with the prints and the was love at first sight!i couldn't resist at all.
i wore it on christmas day.

a new ring!currently i'm so into rings for accesories,it's such a statement.but it wont fuss me around on my movement.especially at school.

my creme's loveable,so pretty.anyway,i've been wanting this sequined leggings lately.somebody,send me one!!!



couldn't help myself yesterday,buying another pair of shoes.
it's schutz,pedder red.its damn comfortable!
i was going for another model,but they only had 1 left,and its not my size :(
so i bought this one instead,a nice icy daisy huh?hehe
i'm planning on wearing this look on new year's eve.

jii by gloria agatha velvet mini dress,maroon hand gloves,bally clutch,schutz boots and gold accessories.

what are you gonna wear ? :D

a bit of my narcism photos.

and last but not least,

happy new year 2010

sneak a snake

a semi blazer,with snake skin prints.
price : 300.000 IDR



so sorry for lack of post,i've been so sick in the past 2 weeks.all i do was sleep all day.couldn't get out of bed at all!
and here i am now,probably you will be very surprised with the photos.
and yes i did cut my hair short,massive short!
i like changes,something extreme like this.i do find,after being heavily sick,it's very good for you to cut your hair,feels like letting go all those sickness and those negative energy.very refreshing!
the hot hot weather lately,has been bugging me,i can't stand my midi-long hair.uugghh!
just so you know,i never had a long hair since i was a kid,i'm a big fan of bob cut,or anything short for my hair.
i tried not to cut it,but like now,it didn't stay for long.

i wanted to look like this (the hair) but,this is extremeeeeeee!my mom and dad wouldn't let me! turns out like the pic up there and well enough :)


kemang festival rescheduled to 19-20th december

so sorry,the kemang festival date has been rescheduled.
it WON'T be on 5-6th December.don't come this'll find nothing on the street.
but do COME ON 19-20th December.
sorry for the inconvenient.
gloria agatha

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