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experimental generation

so sorry for the late post.i've really busy with assignments and finals are coming up in about 2 weeks.

and so this is gonna be a long post with lots of pictures ;)

saturday was the URBIE competition,

me and my team, adinda and corrina went to jatiwaringin to participate on the newspaper costume competition.

here's me and my team,adinda and corrina

anita came to support us!

let's get things started girls!

making the ruffs.

oh my i look damn damn FAT here

sticking on the bodice

we're running out of stapler!refill quickly!

assembling the dress.

putting on the neck ruffs.

corrina is chosen to be our model.

this creation is very much inspired by queen elisabeth on th early manerist renaissance era.

when she used to wear neckruffs alot.and it was a trend.

the fashion we have today is what comes around from the past.
(and so now we know how fashion history is really important!it can be an extraordinary inspiration!)

corrina did pretty great walking the runway!

we won first place!and got 1,5million rupiah voucher to shop.

(i'll post the pic of what we got!)

yeah,thanks to URBIE!

and so i met putri from afternoon tea and living room.she was soooo cute!

also heidy,putri,and diana!
pleasure to meet you guys!


fashion concept

okay,so here's the picture i took about a month ago.
i made my fashion concept class portfolio cover,by quilted leather.very much inspired by chanel.
it took alot of patient to make it,so no wonder,if chanel's bag would cost alot! ;)
and if u notice the rose ring i wore there,i lost it's so sad.would anyone mind to give me another one?

i wore it with my houndstooth jii trench coat.a tailored trousers.and my c&k leopard wedges.


dusty pink

wearing: jii by gloria agatha carigan,black leggings,for the love of shoes flats
bonjour!it's been a while.
it just made this new carigan-jacket look a like last night and wore it this morning.
a dusty pink soft colour and black lining.
it turned out pretty.i think i'm gonna love it!


heritage/URBIE competition

hey there!how u guys doing?hope everything going great!
last friday i had my class cancelled.and so i went hanging out with my high school friends.
and as we,indonesian,are celebrating the batik the UNESCO declared batik as the heritage.
i wore my jii by gloria agatha dress and my new baby docmart,with a little touch of batik on the neckline.

the batik was made into a rounded flower,with various prints.

so did u wore ur batik?

and also!
URBIE (jl Raya Jatiwaringin kav AU blok A/5 jaktim) is having a competition this 24th october!
u should join the competition and show ur creativity!
there's a newspaper costume competition (3persons/group)
t-shirt renewal competition (2persons/group)
and canvas bag painting competition (individual)
quickly get ur name signed up!the participants are limited!
contact : faye (08561096967)

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