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a very very good news!!!!!
got my docmart now!!!thanks to my beloved friend,tepi,who brougth it for me.
yes,i've been wanting this thing,i even dreamed about having one!
that's why i decided to buy it for sure!
ohh myyyy i'm so excited
can't wait for tomorrow to wear it!

wearing : dr.martens boots,giordano dress


sneak peek

i know it's holiday,but i'm packed up with homeworks.the unfinished ones and the new ones.

a sneak peek,what's on my pencil case?

here's my working space. i got it into my room about 2weeks ago.
and i'm gonna and already spent most of my time here.

when i was tidying my room on monday,i found my drawings.
the 1st one,i drew it in primary school.awfull huh?
the 2nd one,i drew it in high school.about year11.
yeah,i haven't got time to make another piece of clothes.
i was busy doing my upcoming project!
it is done,but i still got to keep it until the final day comes,so wait for it to see what it is!



yes,another top by me.i found the prints is very chic.

wearing : my bug's eye sunglasses (my favourite),a jii by gloria agatha sleeveless top,my sister's black cropped pants,braided brown leather belt,nine west platform,jii by gloria agatha clutch,golden heart necklace,peach rose ceramic ring and my DIY gemmed necklace.

i made this necklace for the fashion bloom competition which i participate last time.
and got the chance to wear it again now with this vintage prints top.

i'm not a princess this ain't a fairytale

another dress which i made acouple of months ago.
ade out of jersey with the princess line cut until the waist.a perfect colour for the spring and summer.bright colourful and sweet!

tried to do a sketch of the dress.



waking up on saturday morning,knowing it's holiday feels so good.since college,i oftenly had my make up class on saturdays.and so this morning i woke up and made a big breakfast for my whole family.and so i baked those small potatoes,and fried bacons,with scramble eggs,then a chili sauce on top.yumm!it was nice.

then i got back doing my other assignment homework which i consider much like what i do on my spare times.
so the task is i have to make 5 sketches of a full body picture and colour it.
as you know,the first one on the previous post.
this is the second one!

i drew from an advertisment of a brand called H-I-G-H.isnt it just a sweet collection.

deep blue heart

i wasn't going anywhere.but it has been a while since i do this.dressing up and taking (narcism) picture.

okay,i had my history quiz yesterday.and i'm not so good in history since in school.but anyway i gotta go through it.while being very hectic with studying for quiz,i made this dress!it's a batik,but it got no prints in a deep blue colour.
i put on those u see in the picture,the white ones,it is a braid ropes.

if u notice,on the hem line.the back is actually longer then the front.of course i did it on purpose!haha

the clutch,i made it a couple of months ago,from the left over fabric.

wearing : my new jii by gloria agatha dress,a goldheart necklace from mommy,grey socks,a pair of my camel c&k heels and my jii by gloria agatha handmade clutch.
and finally,the holiday is here!have a great nice holiday everyone!


wearing a new mini tunic i madeand my leopard wedges.
the jersey fabric with leopard print in green!
i'm starting to sew for december,the kemang fest!where i'm gonna sell my collection!like these!

a new assignment from my drawing class.
so i drew this!jacquetta wheeler wearing a lace t-shirt from balmain,a lycra leggings,and giuseppe zanotti for balmain studded sandals.


5 a.m monday

How's ur monday doing?I just got back from sleepy and tired,I woke up at 5 just to finish my homework.

I wore my tailored blazer,washed t-shirt,leggings,and my leopard wedges.
Got to do assignments and sleep.later!
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I went to my friend's wedding todayy.and I wore my gold jersey one shoulder dress.which I got as a gift on my 17th birthday last year.and did the hairdo myself!
Too bad,I forgot to bring my camera! :( sorry for the bad quality of picture,I used my mobile's camera.I'll post the better quality of pic later on.
It's late and night,and I'm soooo going to sleep.goodnight!
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i do consider today as a gloomy rained last night,and cloudy from this morning,(but i actually likes it better).and as you know,we had an earthquake at 2.55 pm,i was in bed,just woke up from my nap.
i had my morning class,and last night i decided to wear my long jacket,but i changed my mind in the morning,and gonna save my trench coat for other days.

wearing : tailored shirt,esprit tank top,guess shorts,for the love of shoes flats,mom's turati bag

showing off a bit of my work,finally using colours on drawings!!!
you know what,i got to make 9 of this!!!! due next monday.

i know,it's kindda wierd huh?haha.but hey,i'm learning.anyway,good news is,i got 98,8% on my first pattern drafting assignment!!yeah,i'm so happy :)

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