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cheap and chic

the first picture (left) is the muslin bag which i bought for cheap and plain, i drew on it this evening.inspired by belle on earth.
i have wanted to paint or draw on a clothes or bag or anything from fabric.but i don't know what paint should i use.anybody got an idea??of course a paint that can be washed without losing it.
the second picture (right) is my sister handmade lamp,from her interior business.if you're interested,it is customized.
isn't it just very chic?



hey,it's monday!how's your day today?
my day is tiring,but nice.

this is my outfit today.a tailor made shirt,a zara latex legging and my nine west platform.

i'm had my fashion concept class today,and what i learned is see? :)

here's me at my drawing class.not my desk actually.

me and my few friends did went home late,we were finishing my work at class.and as you know,the traffic was horrible!!
anyway,i'm longing for winter season :(
i can't stand the hot hot weather!!!!!!



sorry for not posting too often lately,
since going to college,i've been so tired when i got home.and a lot of homework.
so i spent most of my spare time sleeping taking a nap.

anyway,i went to church this morning and wore a tunic dress and boots by bloop which i got the last time.the dress was very cute.but as you see in this picture.this is how i look like after gaining 4 pounds!!!!



Good news!!

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First mobile post

Wow.I just found out a way to post through mobile.trop bien!!!okay,let's try to attach a picture
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as i said yesterday,here's my look today.

i'm having my pattern drafting class today.

this is what i call my working space.working on my pattern.

i had my class from 9 am to 5 pm.definitly very tired,so i'm gonna get some rest now.see you on my next post!! cheers :D



okay,i looked for something to wear tomorrow.and created this whole look.well,i haven't take a picture with this whole outfit.i will,tomorrow!
but i just wanna post the stuffs first.

i got this sleeveless tee for very cheap and of course very cute.

an old boys cardigan.

a jeans pants i bought this afternoon.

guess what,the pants is actually kindda too big,so i must wear this belt!

since i'm gonna wear it to college,i think it wouldn't be so polite to wear something that short.i gonna wear this stockings.

the accessories.

a boots for the shoes.

the magic big bag,which load my kit.the rullers,handbook and patterns!

how the whole look will turn out?i'll post it again tomorrow!anyway,95followers?thank you guys so much.i'm thrilled!



it's sunday! :) i went to church this morning.waking up very sleepy i decided to wear this.

wearing : a vintage blazer,men's t-hirt,zara latex leggings,charles & keith heels,and mom's bag.

the blazer is vintage,it was my grandma's.yes,it's true!she's so skinny and small,that's why i could fit her know what,she also sew.and makes her own stuffs.a very creative woman.they used to call me "mini popo".haha.because i used to be very skinny and small just like her and how close i was with her.and also how stuborn i am just like her ;)

this bag is my mother's actually.i borrowed it for these couple of days.

a pearl ring,which i oftenly use if you notice.loves the colour.

tomorrow's gonna be a holiday.yeayy!!have a great holiday guys!!


14th of august 2009

what i wore today to my sewing class.

a brown drappery cardigan,a black tankies,my leather skirt,a nine west platform and mommy's bag.

see the pink polkadot box?remember the gift from my sister i got last birthday? i used it to bring my tools,my sewing kit.cutie huh?

i got my make-up class tomorrow,for it will be a holiday on monday!yeah!!! :)) and guess what,i haven't finished my homework.oh no!

i've been eating alot lately. the bad news is : i'm totally getting fatter!!!!i don't know my weight right now,did i gain weight?but i measured my waist this afternoon,and yes it's a couple centimeters bigger. :'( about 4cm.aaaaaaaaaa,what am i going to do about it?

i know,it's better to have a healthy body then being so skinny and ironic.hahahaha.


first day

hey there!i had my first day yesterday.what i have dreamed since i was a kid,the day has finally come!!it was totally fun and exciting!which might means myb i can't post things too often,gonna be so busy with assignments and being too tired to do anything else.but i'm so so very excited!can't wait for the sleepless nights.haha.

here's how my drawing table looks like on the first day.
lesson : 9 head proportion!
assignment : make 10 of those!!!and another 10 with the second pose.

i went shopping for some stuff last night.and bought some new stuff again this afternoon :))

here are my friends! F.D 1.1

gonna go back and got to go back to my drawings!catch you later!



hey there!it's late at 11 pm. i got nothing to post yet. i'm gonna start my 1st day at college tomorow,very excited!!and nervous.i kindda don't know yet what to wear tomorrow!oh what am i gonna do?!lol.then,gotta go and catch up with my dilemas of what to wear!tell you all about it tomorrow okay! ;) toodles and goodnight!



giving you a peek at some of my outfit.
these are my favourite things. cardigan,jacket,blazer,vest.
i still got some more of it,but in this photo.i'm showing you my favourites,which i wear oftenly.

G2 Plus cardigan,noir sur blanc,de spring jacket,jii jacket,bloop top,jii frill vest,jii plaid blazer,
fiorucci jeans jacket,hush puppies men jeans jacket,jii studded vest,
jii bikers jacket,jii leather blazer

if you notice,i wear this blazer alot.haha
yes,i love it very much!! ;)

and this is my new jacket,the material is actually like a snake skin prints.

this studded vest is an experiment
remember the last time i said i've been so lucky lately?
my friends bought me souvenirs from their trip.thanks alot to them!
singapore harper's bazaar,poland elle,deutsch vogue

H&M hello kitty lip balm from paris and an H&M ring!
feels kindda fed up with holiday,bored.really really can't wait to start college next monday!!!


on dresscode magazine

look! me on dresscode magazine this month!
on the street style feature.
:D :D :D


sketch and BLOOP

just a sketch,practicing before i learn the real way.
anyway,i can't wait to start my college next week!
wish me the best of luck

and this is what i wore today to senayan city,pickin up my sister.

i wore a green printed top and boots from BLOOP.
make sure you pay a visit on their online shopping web!

you can order your stuffs by web,text msg,or call.
it's very simple,
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also get your 20% discount this august if you tell them that you know it from me,gloria agatha!

plaid hoodie

sunday afternoon,
i went to pasific place to have lunch with my family

after having thai for lunch,we went to
remember my post about things that makes me happy?
aksara is one of the shop that makes me wanna stay longer.
it brings new concept.i love it.
i also had a cup of coffee on the coffee shop,canteen.
i've always loved these times.

i was wearing a hoodie men shirt by BLOOP,which i got the other day,and also it's boots!!
thanks a lot!



i've been so lucky lately,
yesterday,i went to tebet,to bloop endorse store.

as a fashion blogger,
generously,they gave me stuffs!!
did you know?Bloop Endorse now has an online shopping.
you really should drop by at their web!just click here

alexa grey boots

these are all the other things i got.
aren't they just cute!

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