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i was reading my singapore harper's bazaar magazine that my friend brought me.
when i read this Q&A article with karl,
i found one quote that i makes me remember it over and over again.
"very high heels actually look better on tall girls,
but me hate to walk around with giants that make them look like a midgets."
i find it kindda funny and so true.

yeah,he's totally cool.definitely!


jeans oh jeans

okay,after all these times i've been getting my guts all together,to sell my collection on my blog!
when actually,all the outfits i wore before,you can order it if you want
but i'm gonna tidy things up a bit.
for the first product,i'm selling this jeans skirt.

nope,it's not just an ordinary skirt.look at the picture below,the details on the side.

size : waist 70-80cm
price : 155 000 IDR (shippment fee included if you're living in jakarta)
if you are interested.please do email me to

Electro Magnifique

monday,27th july 2009
i went to lasalle's graduation show,a creative show 2009
at sahid jaya hotel with my sister.
to see my cousin who graduated,and to see the fashion show.i also met a few friends.

here we are,cousins!!
okay,here's the stage before the show starts.

the end of the runway show,too bad,i can't take the pic of the collection.
my cam just give a blur pic when i zoom it.beehhh.

the collection were amaaaazzzinngg!!i wonder,can i make something like that in the future?

here's me,wearing my new vest that i made a few days ago.
(if you follow me on twitter,you would've known the process update of me making it!)
coming to this event,and see the show,makes me sooo much more excited to start my college at lasalle.which will begin on 10th august 2009.

congratulation to all lasalle's 2009 graduates!!
and what a magnificent show!


look what i found!yes,i just remember that i had this shoes.
i had it for years,but i wore it just a couple of,i decided to wear it again!

i picked up my mom and went to the mall,since it is a very hot day,
i wanted to wear something very relaxing and i was in a rush,
so i grabbed and wore these things.

if you see me a lot with this t-shirt.
yes,i'm in the mood of wearing it
and the short pants,it's not new,but it's comfy

the bag!a handmade by mom.yes it is!thank you mom,muah muah!


6 things

ok,i've been tagged by fika to do this 6 THINGS THAT CAN MAKE ME HAPPY
i thought it would be fun to share this! thanks fika! :)))

1. making patterns and sewing gives me backpain,but it's addictive!
and the result makes me happy happy happy!
especially when people give compliments :))
2. new things and stuffs,can be anything,clothes,shoes,sunglasses,picture,toys.
especialy things that i buy with my own money that i earn myself :)
or even the stuffs people gave me,like a pressie.
and what i'm into now is a reality show,the city.whitney port working on diane von furstenberg.

3. fashion magazines with lots of pictures of clothes,shoes,bags,and stuffs!

4. pretty shops,that makes me wants to stay longer and never get out.
especially shops with pretty clothes,bags,shoes and stuffs!

5. sitting around just to hang in a coffee shop.
with a cup of vanilla latte, iced or hot ,and a bluberry muffin.perfecto!

6. pinklicious sour sally,with mochi and nata de coco
no matter how bad my mood,this fro yo can make my day!!
or for something sweeter i choose baskin robbins' very berry strawberry with rainbow sprinkles please!


no mood

yes,there are times when i just feel so lazy to dress up and don't know what to wear.
so,i decided to wear this loose grey t-shirt with leggings and my heels.
thanks to mom,she bought me this new shoes from charles and keith,the leopard prints!


here's my final project on my fashion merchandising short course.
a line of underwear.a team of me,my sister,and devi.
we decided to call our line UNDERNEATH,because a hug should never hurts. :)

this is me and my teacher, ms.yolanci
she's the owner of a bag line called screaming cheap.
me and my sister (she's so little ey?)

this is the packaging of underneath which i designed and made

me and devi as always
wearing our leather skirt,made my me!jii by gloria agatha

we were waiting for the driver to bring our stuffs,as always,we take photos everywhere

after it,we had lunch at cityloft,in a restaurant called sweet parlour?i forgot.

a getaway 2

thank god for the "good mood" internet!!here are more pictures of my getaway to cibodas last friday.i came with my mom and her friends.
not a lot of stories,just a lot of pictures.

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