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saturday class

bonjour!!here,i'm about to tell you about my saturday
as a prize from the fashion bloom competition,i got this chance to have a fashion merchandising short course at lasalle college jakarta :))
tha class starts at 9 a.m and ends at 3 p.m
but it was soooo much fun!!i'm going to lasalle for college,starts on 10th august.
having this short course,gives me the picture of what i will be doing on my college days,though i'm taking fashion design later.
and imagining that i will spend my days talking,doing,thinking all about!!!!!what a wonderful world!!

here's devi yolanda,she was on my team,so she got the chance too!

i had my small class yeaterday,only 3 people,devi and my sister,joy.

we had our lunch at pizza marzano next door,in city loft.
we made quiet a mess!

here,i'm doing the project.doing the merchandising breakdown

time flies so fast when you do what you love,6hours?not a prob.can't get enough!
at the end of the class,i should've fly to CCF for my france class.
but i was too lazy.france language is damn damn hard!!!!
so,i came with my sis and her bf to pi and watched transformer 2!

another day

hello dello!!on friday i went to my apartment,coming with my mom for a check.and dropping my dad to his office.look what i did there.took a pic!! lol
i got nothing to say now
i just wanna show you my pic ;)
what i wore was my hush puppies jeans jacket,my jeans shorts,and my vneck tshirt


in a rush.

me wearing my new stuff.a box from my dearest sister,a nine west shoes from beloved mom and dad,a charles and keith clutch bag from my lovely cousin,a v-neck t-shirt from my cutest friends,and last but not least,a glasses from my beloved devi yolanda!

pimping ur flats into a BALLET SHOES!!

a plain flats can get boring sometimes,let's upgtrade it into something new!!
how?how?how?click here!! to see the tutorial on gogirl! web. ;))
try it!

make your own HEADPIECE!!!

wanna know how to make one of these headpiece.
find the tutorial on GOGIRL magazine website,click here!!




part 1

this morning,my dearest bestie came to my place,and brought me this tiramisu cake :D

this is him and his sis,icha.

the greatest gift of all is to have the people i love around me
i love you guys,thanks so much for coming :))

part 2

me,my auntie,and my cousins

besties :))

part 3

look what my little miss cheeky bestie,devi bought me as a gift!thanks baby!

a gift from my sis,a make up box,which i'm gonna use as a tool box for my sewing kit.
thank you dear.lovelovelove!

here's what i got from all my dearest,thank you so so so much!!!!

merci beaucoup!!

idling soufle

raspberry soufle at bakerzin

spending my day idling,waking up in the afternoon,watch tv,eat brunch,chips,lunch,lying around the bed,then suddenly,they shut the power down!!!!!
i'm on my lazy mode,so it wasn't a prob at all
then my mom
asked my out,then we went to plaza senayan.
blazer:jii by gloria agatha,shorts:unbranded,vneck:from mommy,flats:debenhams

the old city of jakarta

heyyy,on tuesday,i went to the old city of jakarta,batavia to help my cousin making a vid for her final project.

we rent a bike for one of the scene,
and remember on the last post i told you about the flower top?here's me wearing it!

i brought my friend,maya to accompany moi!!
we're here already!let's steal some poses baby!!!!!!!

sorry for the bad editing,not a pro ;)



look,look.i just finished my new collection.the flower top.i made it specially to wear with high waist ;)
but here,i'm wearing my jodphur pants instead.
i'm wore it yesterday,i'm gonna tell you about it later.


kym ellery

looking through
this is kym ellery,an australian designer
look at her fabulous design and cuttings!

Kym Ellery's Spring/Summer 2009/10 collection
from Rosemount Australian Fashion Week



i went to senayan city for debenhams
midnight shopping sale pre view ;D and look what i got!a snake skin flats.and i'm so coming back today for more!lol.
anyway,my cousin just come back from melbo,and look what she got me!a july edition of vouge oz.fab fab fab!
got to go now!catch cha later!


chop chopchop my awful hair!

i am having my new haircut!!!
some says the one befor is better.but i was toooooo bored with that look
and so i decided to CHOP it!!
can you see the difference?

the thing about DIY

the thing about DIY stuff:
it's not about how much you can get it cheaper buying it
but it's the satisfaction and pride,
when people ask you,
"where did you get that from?"
and you can answer them,
"i made them myself."
gloria agatha,18th june 2009


another DIY project for gogirl! website.
this time is about making a statement necklace from peacock feather.

what you'll need:
1.price tag/used calling card
3.peacock feather
4.feathers (bulu kemoceng)

how how how???

1.glue the ribbons to the card or tag
2.glue the feathers (bulu kemoceng)
3.glue the peacock feather

4.flip it to the other side's time to glue the necklace.
6.flip it back to the front side make it looks neat.glue a ribbon horizontally from front to the back's how it will look like

9.when you're done,here's how your peacock necklace will look like!!


find this tutorial and other fashion tips on GoGirl!website just by clicking here!

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