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green tafeta + peacock

a DIY peacock necklace ,as a statement necklace
and i'm wearing my jii by gloria agatha green tafeta top.

middle sided hairr

so i'm tryin this new look,by changing my hair.not by cutting it,just by making it middle sided hair.and it wans't as wierd as it used to be!!!!

jodhpur experience

a new experience by me,making a harem's how it looks like. ;D


mad for leggings

a new experiments,i'm trying legging this was a blast!!!

jii jii jii

it's ben a while since i wrote my last post
i got pretty lot of pic now. :D
here's some of them
daddy's wardrobe

fuschia pink suede skirt

the pic on top is the details

my day,chillin in the hot heat of summer

plaid blazer+green tafeta+peacock statement necklace+purple satin heels=jii by gloria agatha


i wasn't so in the mood of wearing all glamed on sunday morning,i took my v neck white t-shirt,put on my zipper leggings and my red old shoes.
i bought that red shoes a couple of years ago.i never wore it.but now it turns out unique and i'm lovin it!
the brown box,is actually a friend of mine' a guitar machine's box.
i borrowed it just for the shoot.isn't it just cute?.

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