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Last saturday,28th march 2009
i was participating in a FASHION BLOOM STYLING
competition by Lasalle College Jakarta.
we are formed by teams.
on the right picture as you can see,my team was Devi,Vera,and Lupita.

we were given 50thousand budget by lasalle.where we have to spend the 30thousand for the basic top (yellow).i sew the skirt myself the day was made by tafeta and a tile on the inside so it pops.

i also made the necklace with beads and stones,to give an accent on the plain top.
this look is inspired by Alex Perry's collection.we decided to make the top one shoulder,inspired by old ancient beauty,where we put some twist on the shoulder.
the flower on the head is totally a give a classy touch.

on the back of the skirt (left pic),we made a big give a sweet touch. :D

we won 3rd place.and won a 500thousand cash,vouchers and most of all.we got a chance for a free fashion business short course at Lasalle!we were so lucky to have such a supportive friends who came to see was such an experience.the fun,excitement,teamwork,everything!

in this pic,this is our FABULOUS SUPPORTERS,beloved friends.
lots of love and thanks to Maya who rocks the yell,Rara who barks loud and clear,Merry for screaming our names,Ivan who always got our back,and Wilson who came to see us!LOL


my orange mexico!

march 20th ,2009
since i am in year 12 now,i had to do a photoshoot for my class got this mexican theme.
and i went to the hill,to do these photo.
as you see,these are our costumes.fabulous right?
look at the colours,catchy!
at first i hated my costume.because it's orange.i have never liked orange colour.
guess what?it turns out perfectly!it matches my skin and stands out.i look pretty great in my pics. :) i loved it.


My Green Baloon!

this evening,i was in the mood of sewing another piece.i came up with the idea of a baloon skirt.
so i started to cut,make patterns and sew this green georgette skirt.
this is my first time.i haven't got to this chapter on my lesson.
but i figured out to find my own way.haha.
it turns out pretty great!

<= here's the detail :)


Sun Day!

and so it's sunday!it's time for church.
and i found my brothers sweater this morning.
it decided to wear it together with my new houndstooth skirt,with a pair of brown heels.


my oh my!!

today,i didn't know what to wear to my dad's school reunion.
finally i found this green tafeta top
that i made from last year.
i figure out to wear it with my mom's vintage bag.
it was such a match!


Little White Dress

i was looking at the pages of my Vouge mag.
i found this page with Catherine McNeil wearing Miu Miu silk dress photographed by
Richard Bailey.
it was damn fabulous.
of course i can't beat the quality of the seam and the perfect cuttings of Prada,
but instead,i made my own version.and this is how it turns out!


this purple dotty strap tunic is my very very first dress that i made with my own thoughts for the pattern.
i didn't even think that i could do something from zero to this much on my third project.
i wasn't that bad huh ;)

Ballet Play

i wasn't dreaming to be a BALLERINA.i never learned to.
and i never thought of anything like ballerina.
but in this project,i made this skirt.with black lace on the bottom.
when it's done,i just realize that it actually looks like a tutu.
and so that's how people also thought about it.
it wasn't so bad anyway. (:

agatha's lanvin

this is my very own masterpiece.
i wore it to my best friend's wedding.
where i actually saw this dress in vouge,it was lanvin.
i fell in love with it right away.
and so i thought about buying a silk and make it my own.

this is the drill skirt that i made.
i wore it pretty dorky style once.but i was lovin it that time.
in the other time,i wore it the different way.i wear the back as the front.
as u see,the orange and purple buttons.
i put it as a sweet touch,for the pale coloured material.

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